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Imagine screaming into a void for over 75 years, with no one to hear.

With the conflict of living in a country that doesn’t recognize my ethnicity, there’s an identity crisis of reclaiming power over my narrative. Through the use of screen-printing, ceramics, and traditional paintings, I illustrate narratives to re-examine my childhood into adulthood experiences that were heavily influenced by my Palestinian immigrant upbringing in the United States. An intersectional storytelling of both Western and Eastern cultures combined with vibrancy and aims to communicate a deep introspection and a desire to articulate my story.


There’s a continued hypocrisy of our government “upholding” human dignity and human rights but failing to empathize with those who have been subjected to atrocities beyond what we would accept for our own communities. Despite what the western media wants to portray Palestinians as, my people are not a ploy for their skewed agendas. This issue speaks to broader themes of erasure, and the struggle for recognition faced by many marginalized communities worldwide. Especially when shedding light onto significant historic events like The Nakba, I confront this reality head-on, shedding light on the complexities of Palestinian stories and the agonizing legacy of colonialism and displacement. My work encapsulates a deeply personal artistic practice, one that seeks to amplify our voices, challenge harmful narratives, and reclaim cultural agency. I invite viewers to question their complacency and how we as Americans continue to support structures of oppression. How do we hold ourselves accountable in the Land of the Free?


To be a voice for the voiceless. From the river to the sea.

From the River to the Sea

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