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found object.

 The concept of consumerism and the affect it has on us—the consumers, as well as the environment. Everything is built to signify pollution and toxicity and the negative impact this subject has. Oftentimes consumers don’t think about how these short-term objects have a long-term affect on the environment. 


wire frame.

Taking inspiration of homesickness and nostalgic, this piece is a romanticization of a humble Middle Eastern food. Although shawarma is a fast food and convenient, for me it takes me back to familiar memories and scents and surroundings. A coat of glossy bronze to enhance beautifying it.


Focusing on relationships between family, friends, peers, and mutual connections, especially friends. The concept of a bear and a pig is a representation of a valuable relationship. When put together, they might resemble plushies, very animated and caricatured to portray my illustrative side and personal style. A heartwarming sculpture and a reminder of the sweetness and innocence of the connectedness of a deep friendship.

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